Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mahesh Khaleja

Genre: Comedy Drama

Koppireddy’s Tagline: Common Man to God Man

Analysis: I waited till I have watched the so-called blockbusters this season so that I can write a review of this so called average flick as publicized by media. Yes, Khaleja is not entirely a formulaic movie…if you want one go watch Brindavanam (I shall write that review too soon). Khaleja in my opinion is a masterpiece and Trivikram yet again is the hero!

The power of thoughts, Sankalpam etc. are concepts which have been explored earlier by both writers and cinema makers, but I feel never had these concepts been so well presented as done by Trivikram in this movie with a mix of fun, entertainment and all the other elements a commercial Telugu cinema needs. The concept of God presented in this movie will be appreciated both by believers and atheists alike. Trivikram shows what every guy in his youth does in the first half, till he realizes his goal in life which is covered in the second half. Second half where people felt movie was a headache is actually good if you can appreciate what Trivikram is trying to tell. To sum is in one of scenes Mahesh says “Lets test if I am the God”…The entire sequence is superb and is an case in point to prove that every man is God when he realizes his true potential and works for good.

The major flaw in this movie as it appears is Mahesh’s domination, who was hibernating for 3 full years, takes on screen so much that rest of the cast is rendered useless including my favourite heroine Anushka. As Mahesh mentions in one of the scenes “ikkada comedy chesthey nenee cheyali” is very much what happened in the movie. Not just comedy but he manages to pull through all elements single handedly.
Like for all the Trivikram movies, to appreciate the pucnh you have to watch the movie again and again and again. There is a lot of repeat value in the movie, like in any other Trivikram’s movies.

Performances:Mahesh is everything in the movie on screen and Trivikram behind the scenes. He is absolutely an eye candy and girls just cant have enough of him

Anushka is sexy, just that she was looking elder to very handsome Mahesh. Though Mani’s music is mediocre, Anushka looks hot in all those songs and my particular favourite is when she tries the lady Gaga look. Wow Anushka…

Rao Ramesh does an Aghora and all the comedians play second to our Hero…

Shafi comes out with a killer performance as a God seeker

Prakash Raj is adequate as a villain

Story: An extravagant Taxi is taken to Rajasthan on purpose, who in turn learns that he is being targeted to be killed. While a village team rescues him, he agrees to pay them which leads him to the baddies who eventually happen to be the guys who target him too. Circumstances lead Anushka also to the desert and she just cant get off Seetha Rama Raju. Yes, Mahesh’ name in the movie.

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  1. Mahesh Babu totally rocks...Trivikram punch slow ga yekkutondi