Sunday, September 26, 2010

Music Review: Khaleja music is mediocre fare!

Trivikram, Hero Mahesh and even Mani Sharma were probably basking the Athadu glory and in an attempt to bring out something similar, end up brining in a run-of-the-mill fare at music and songs. Pretty mediocre stuff. I am sure however, Trivikram has got much better cinema in place with gripping screenplay and his trademark dialogues. Anticipated much better music for this much-awaited movie from the Tollywood’s best director-actor duo. While I hope these songs get better as we listen more, it’s a matter of fact that Mani Sharma messed it up! Listen songs here...

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Pilche Pdevulapaina: Starts with praise to Nandalala, probably all the heros are doing some Krishna fare this winter, and gets slow at times and has feel to suggest that the heroine submits herself to the protagonist in this number.

Sada Siva: Starts like a chant but soon translates in a trance-providing hum, with English lyrics interspersed with occasional high-note drums, the song gets your attention soon.

Boom Shakana: This is an example of how the team could not come of the Athadu glory, trying to make something to similar to those popular numbers, this comes out with a good opening lyrics and the song slows down so much I could not like it despite of listening to it 10 times. Maybe it takes some more time, or is a loser number!

Makathika: Average number and somehow sounds a medley of familiar songs.

Taxi Taxi: This has variety lyrics written around Taxi nuances, and the tune is a mixed rap with mechanical tunes, probably to suggest a taxi on the frames.

Sunday Monday: Another common place assortment of familiar Manisharma songs. Mani, Please give us a break!

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