Friday, September 24, 2010

Music Review: Brindavanam music simply rocks!

If the cinema itself, and if NTR himself  fails to draw the audience to the theaters when the movie releases, the songs will. For sure will. First-rate songs by Thaman are true to please masses and classes alike…everyone will like every song. With lot of repeat value, the music and sound track is a big asset to this soon to be released movie...Listen Brindavanam songs here...

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Chinnadoi Vaipu: With a potential to form the theme song, this mass song rightly has Sukhwinder, Baba Sehgal and Geeta Madhuri sing to a chorus which is loud. The lyrics suggest this to be a song when both the heroines appear on the screen. Hence the hero, I am sure will be willing to rock, and the song is apt for the situation. Geeta Maduri’s tone best suits such songs.

Wanna wanna be with you honey (Nijamena): This is an absolute delight to hear, with class overtures to this song while a constant rendition of Jazzy drums in the background keep up the mood. The music varies as the piano experiments with soft singing to high notes tapering off, and no one else would have been a better choice than Karthik and Suchitra

Evvarevaro (Yuvukula Manasaina, Maghuvula Pogaraina): I guess this to be an introduction to the hero, with college going girls and guys descripbed

Veedu Tuntaroodu: Geeta Madhuri with her husky voice declares the hero to be a Tuntarooduuuu…maybe the Krishna in the brindavanam

Krishnudu Vachadura: The happy song usually found in all the big hero movies announcing how the hero has come and brought festivities to the community. This one absolutely rocks with Kay Kay (my favouroite singer) taking lead along with the others….it has all the ho-ho and ha –ha of the hero’s home coming with rocking music.

Oopiraage: The protagonist is hurt and forlorn and keeps cursing love in this number. You have such songs in all movies now-a-days, with a tune that immediately suggests sadness! No originality here Thaman!!

Nachale(Mojjarey Mojjarey): Baba Sehgal’s nasal rendering of this song with shake-your-leg kind of Punjabi music and some Hindi lyrics is letting me guess this would be in a pub set in a Dhola-re-Dhani kind of setting

Sureede Sureedhe (Eyi Raja): When all the singers are tried out why leave Shankar Mahadevan, and why leave Shreya Ghosal, and why leave a chance to squeeze in another mass number. This time the hero is a blazing Sun whose looks and walk are glorified! Eyi Raja!!


  1. wow ... nice one ... good music

  2. anna, happy song 'krishunu vachadura' is my favourite and other are good too...

  3. Geeta madhuri padinavi tappa anni songs ok,waiting for the cinema this october