Sunday, September 29, 2013

Attarintiki Daaredi

"How is it any different from intense, formulaic stuff that go into any big budget movie making in Telugu now a days?" These are some questions some critics had, though most of the reviews gave it a big entertainer and a success tag! Let us worry about answering those minority at the end. Kosamerupu iddam!

Do you enjoy your work by doing what you like? Do you enjoy your work by doing what you like, while taking care of what is expected of you? 

After All, you are not Goutham Nanda out of this movie, that you can be your own Boss! Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan are 2 people in this industry where expectations out of them are always high. Did this set them into worrying about delivering what audiences wanted? Not really, Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan still did what they respectively like to do, while taking care of delivering what people needed. You will see Trivikram's experiments with words all through (that he enjoys) and Pawan delivering messages be in in the Baba Avatar or cocking a pistol in every other song(that Pawan enjoys)! Also they made sure they are cognizant of delivering what people need. Trivikram, for instance, in Khaleja, just like in AD had the protagonist play the driver that looks chic-beyond-their-status who sports an Armani scraf and a leather jacket! Though he used the cinematic liberties in 2009 and had to it bite the bullet, he did not stop to experiment but just made sure he is more careful. Result is, Pawan in AD is a multi-millionaire that had to "act" as a driver! The point I am trying to make is that both Pawan and Trivikram answered my 2nd question above, and in style! That is called being responsible, taking care of expectations and producers. Mr. Prasad your money is intact, despite of a sad saga that probably gave you a heartache for a week before the release!

This care, while doing what each technician enjoys doing is seen in every other dept. of the movie. Music, cinematography, art, fights etc. only show how as a team they did what they love to do, while being responsible. Since the review comes 3 days late and most of you have watched, I would leave my analysis of story, other actors and departments to you but I can assure you they did their best!

Now coming back to answering some critics' question that I opened my review with. There are genres and there are audiences, that any cinema caters to. Why do you expect them to deliver a "LunchBox" or "Conjuring" when the genre the audiences like a custom-one that is a mix of local humour with lot of slapstick, and some sentiment that is made for Andhra, that people here can relate to! Why do you think Brahmanandam was beaten in every single role he takes(not to forget that even in audience roles he gets beaten up!) during the Ahalya-drama. I have a doubt too. While Pawan looks into Samantha's sunglasses and spots a man wielding a sword behind him, why did Samantha not take notice who had a direct view of the same man? Because, she was looking into Pawan's eyes and in love! I got my answer, so stop being overly critical and enjoy this movie made for YOU{Telugu audience that like masala (this is the custom-one I was talking about above) entertainers}. A clean entertainer and must-watch if you haven't already!