Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Raktha Charitra

Genre: Real Life Drama, Violence

Koppireddy’s Tagline: Bloody Saga! Best Forgettable !!

Analysis: One of the most controversial politician, brutal factionist and a person who misused politics, people’s sympathy, naxalite movement and whatever else was available to him, in the real life, was glorified as a noble person with a passion for violence to overcome violence in the reel life by Ram Gopal Varma. So unfortunate

There are lil or no flaws in Ramu’s story telling but the subject chosen and his glorification of a factionist are most unwelcome elements in this movie. Though the movie was rated an expected ‘A’, it should have been better banned at the censor board.

We would all want to leave the past behind and move forward and more so when the past is full of bloodshed. Agreed it was a common thing in the rayalseema area in the past, but making a movie of a forgettable story and glorification of anti-social elements is a total needless effort. Repeating such stories, albeit for commercial interests is harmful to a democratic society which is begging to repair itself.
As if this is not enough, Ramu has made a sequel to it ready to hit screens on 19th Nov. To hell with his bloody dramas and being expermentitative to be different…Try something creative and also that useful to the society. If you(Ramu) feel making movies for society is a pain, atleast refrain from glorifying violence. For God’s sake, Will you?

Performances: Characters unfold as Ramu’s greed in making money shows behind each of them, while staking society’s interests. So Do not want to discuss any performances

Story: A forgettable bloody story worth not repeating even once!


  1. correct anna....bongu lo story ki malli bongulo cinema...ramu gadi mind dobbindi

  2. I would not go into the movie part of it, but dont agree to your view that the past should be forgotten, there have been enough violent movies in the past and this is one more in the genre. The best way to move forward in life is to learn from past, if we always erase the past however gory it may be, it may draw into a full circle.

    Secondly, its time we watched movies for entertainment, rather than trying to learn or ape it. I dread the day KJO and Ramu start shaping our society!!!...raktha charithra is anyday better than RGVCharithra :)

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  4. Ramu need not shape our soceity...he should just present facts right or shut up and not use the extra drama he created before the movie saying its so and so's simple as that!

    fiction at any length is okay, he should be carefiul when saying he is inspired by someone's story