Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maryada Ramanna- or should I say Our Hospitality?!!!

Genre: Romance, Family Drama

Koppireddy’s Tag line: When Innocence meets Feudalism!

Koppireddy’s Rating: 3 for its screenplay and cinematography

Analysis It should well be disclosed even before we start that like many other stories this is also a copied story…The Hospitality (1923) from the silent movies generation. See this that said, nothing stops this movie from being a good watch…Read on…

Nice small ideas (albeit copied) have the power to influence when presented well. S S Rajamouli proves this point, very unlike his other ventures where small was never a word for him. Just the idea and probably the cast were small, mind you! Nothing else was compromised. Attention to finer details, engaging screenplay, foot tapping music and excellent cinematography, exactly like in all his other ventures, is anything but small.

If you have to build a brick stack using unlimited array of bricks putting one brick over another slowly and steadily, and you succeed in making a longest one, and when you probably know you cannot continue forever. What do you do? Best thing to do is to convince all the lookers that you will start with another row afresh and not mess up with the existing one. By doing that, you are setting expectations low. That’s exactly what Rajamouli did with this movie. He said its curd rice types movie when compared to his Biryani movies earlier! He admitted well in advance that it’s a small venture and implored his audience to appreciate what he does. And that’s working…
So all that was done low in the movie is probably the cast (making Sunil the hero) and simple storyline(compared earlier double dramas from the same director) as mentioned earlier. However, Rajamouli doing his best, exactly like in all other movies, strengthens the storyline. Untill you know its a copied story, I am sure you will like it...I am sure you will like after that too, if you dont start hating this guy immediately!

The Story

It’s a waste of time rewriting the story. It’s ditto on

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